Practice Areas


Through its extensive experience and satisfactory results, through its legal body, we act to ensure legal security in the planning and execution of legal business of interest to the client, representing it in the solution of conflicts related to breaches of contracts, in dispute between partners or shareholder, civil liability, including possession rights and also as a facilitator for the optimization of business management.

With its specialized legal body, we act in a preventive manner in the orientation of payment of federal, state and municipal taxes, whose medium and long-term effects, favor efficiency gain and increase in net income. On the other hand, it seeks to avoid fiscal surprises that may negatively impact the client’s equity. The engagement of the team involves cases of abuse of authority and those arising from tax assessment, including tax enforcement, or even judicial recovery resulting from the execution carried out.



Our office provides advisory and litigation advice for the seizure of seized goods, clearance, tariff classification, customs valuation, application of special customs regimes, defense against infraction notices, control and investigation of customs illegalities, exclusion of ICMS from the base of calculation of PIS and Cofins in the importation of foreign products.



The firm has assisted the most diverse clients, both individuals and corporations, through the provision of personalized criminal legal advice and advice for the most diverse types of crimes, ranging from the police investigation phase to the higher courts, providing advice in police stations, Courts and Administrative Bodies, until the closing of the proceedings. All Courts, including Supreme Court.

We act in the defense of interest of the clients in matters related to the corporate world, in the most diverse sectors and providing different services, among which: – Elaboration of shareholders’ agreements; – Preparation and / or amendment of contracts and by-laws; – Elaboration of minutes of assembly and meeting of quotaholders; – Elaboration of consortium contracts; – Creation of associations; – Structuring of joint ventures; – Orientation and elaboration of corporate reorganization projects; – Advisory services of minority or majority shareholders in corporate actions.



Associations, foundations, Oscips, OS, religious and care entities, and companies indirectly linked to the third sector are used in our office, since they are used in a wide range of fields of law, notably those in which we provide multidisciplinary legal advice and advice in contribution to reduce social inequalities. Our office provides advisory and specific legal advisory services, through a team of specialized professionals, dedicated to finding suitable solutions to the problems raised in this follow-up.